Georgia Hearn, Executive Director

Georgia has a passion for working with Anne’s Anchor Moms! She finds so much joy in seeing each Mom meet their individual goals. Georgia holds an Associate Degree from Moberly Area Community College in Nursing and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Service from Columbia College. She has worked in various settings including nursing, teaching, and social work. Georgia is a member of St. Clement Catholic Church. Georgia’s favorite job is being a Mom and she is very excited to be apart of Anne’s Anchor and the support it will bring to mothers in our community! In her spare time, you’ll find Georgia baking yummy sweets, volunteering at her daughter’s school and spending time with her family.

Paulette Bruch, Board President

Paulette lives near Bowling Green with her husband, Joe. They have three daughters. Paulette grew up in a “volunteer” household where her parents instilled a love of community service. She has worked with youth through 4-H, the schools and other community organizations. Paulette retired from WERDCC, in Vandalia, where she counseled women in distress. She became aware of the many difficult situations young women encounter as they become mothers. After retirement, she began working with young women at the local pregnancy center. So many individuals struggle with housing, employment, child care and unsafe relationships. How best can a community help these women and their children? The curriculum at Anne’s House is designed to help women become self-sufficient. Paulette knows children are more successful if they have responsible adults in their lives. Secure children are better students and successful families build better communities.

Ryan Daffron, Board Vice President

Ryan has lived in the Bowling Green area his entire life. He still lives here with his wife Heather and three children. He has been involved with various charities and service projects over the years including everything from tornado relief in Missouri to mission trips in Haiti. Together, Ryan and Heather are most passionate about creating and nurturing strong family units. Our communities and societies depend on this. Ryan felt that focusing on mother and child relationships in the local community couldn’t be a better place to start. Heather has been active with SHARE, an organization that helps with pregnancy and infant loss and most recently she leads a pregnancy loss support group at Options for Women. Adding to this effort, Ryan has accepted his role on the Anne’s Anchor Board of Directors and is looking forward to seeing this organization change not only the lives of the women who enter the house, but their children and their future families– creating strong families for generations to come.

Shelley Nacke, Board Treasurer

Shelley grew up on a small farm in northeast Missouri with my two younger sisters and with both sets of grandparents within a few miles. We weren’t rich, but my family taught me to be kind, respectful and responsible. Especially responsible. Schoolwork was done. Chores were expected to be completed. We were taught to cook, clean, take care of our belongings and manage our money. My parents insisted that my sisters and I continue our education and learn a skill that would allow us to support ourselves on our own if necessary. Imagine my surprise when I began to work with counseling clients and realized they were lacking in these ‘adulting skills’. They simply hadn’t been taught the things I had learned growing on and had passed on to my children. They didn’t know how to manage money, parent their child or hold down a job. They often stayed in bad relationships for the financial security, or they ended up homeless. That’s why when I heard about the My Ridiculously Amazing Life curriculum we will be using at Anne’s House, it resonated with me. It is a program that teaches pregnant women and young mothers these skills and helps them to be self-sufficient by the time they leave Anne’s Anchor. At the same time it teaches them to be strong, capable, independent women. It is our best hope to turn around the statistic that 34% of single mothers are living in poverty.

Elisha Koenig, Board Secretary

Elisha is a local, she’s lived in Pike County since she was six years old. She married her Bowling Green High School sweetheart in 2009. Elisha has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Human Resource Management. Clay and Elisha live on a farm outside of Bowling Green, with their THREE little boys. She can be found in her free time at the lake! Elisha own’s a few local businesses RE/MAX Realty Shop and Five K. She currently sits on numerous boards including Pike County Health Department Board of Trustees, Pike County Home Health and Hospice Foundation Board, St.Clement School Board & Anne’s Anchor. Elisha’s why is for the children. In 2015 she created a non-profit, Little Explorers Foundation. We had a need for early childhood peer interaction so she made it happen, with the help of an amazing community. Now we have a new need in our community, being pregnant and homeless is a real issue. Mental health is a real issue. Learning how to become a healthy mother is not a given, it is taught. Elisha wants everyone to have the resources to be the best mother they can be. With our program, the help of the community and by the GRACE of GOD these women will be successful after completing our program.

Carina Capps, Program Manager

Carina is a life-long resident of Pike County. She has been married to Bill for twenty-five years. They have two children. Gretchen is a nursing student at State Tech in Linn, MO, and Ryan is a senior in high school. Carina has been active in the Pro-Life community for about seven years. She was a founding board member of Options for Women in Bowling Green and spent a year travelling with a national organization training others how to advocate for women and their unborn children outside of abortion facilities. In 2018, she saw that local organizations were working to meet the needs of pregnant women, but there was a gap when it came to housing. Carina, along with Shelley Nacke and Paulette Bruch, founded Anne’s Anchor as a way to help fill that gap. In October of 2022 Carina decided to become the Program Manager of Anne’s Anchor as the home continues to grow.