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70% Tax Credits

The State of Missouri offers an incredible gift to Missouri residents that donate $100 or more to Anne's Anchor.  The end result, your generous gift to Anne's Anchor will mean very little money out of pocket for you!

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Donate via Mail:
Anne's Anchor
P.O. Box 422
Bowling Green, MO 63334

Be a Part of Our 365 Circle

To ensure the sustainability of Anne’s Anchor, we need 100 individuals to join our 365 CIRCLE. Please join our 365 CIRCLE by committing just $3.65 per day for 365 days. This can be done by a onetime donation of $1,332.  You may also set up an automatic monthly donation of $111/month. This will ensure each mom and baby has the resources needed to grow and thrive.

Host an Event

Help us spread the word about our mission in Pike County by hosting an awareness or fundraising event. To host an event, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page.

Spead the Word

We are all in this together! Please help us spread the word about our mission by telling your friends and family. We are available to come talk to your church or community group. Please contact 573-777-0473 to schedule a talk.

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